You Only Need These 5 Pairs of Shoes This Summer

You Only Need These 5 Pairs of Shoes This Summer


Wish as we might, we just don’t have the storage space (or budget) to acquire every pair of “it” shoes, every season. But going for just five pairs? Now that’s totally manageable. (At least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves.) So here’s our take on the top five shoe trends you can’t miss out on this summer.

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Square-Toe Sandals

There are many, many trends that should be left in the ‘80s (frosted lipstick, we’re looking at you). But there are others that we’re so happy to meet again, square-toe sandals included. Re-introduce this style (with or without the strappy detail) to your wardrobe and you’ll wonder how you ever dropped them at Goodwill back in the day.

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Transparent Accents

There’s no need to commit to a totally see-through shoe, but a little transparency will make any outfit look Insta-worthy. Opt for clear accents, such as straps and/or heels, but make sure the actual footbed is made of leather, so you don’t end up slipping and sliding around. 

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Sport Sandals

When Birkenstocks came back in style, we all promised ourselves we wouldn’t cave. But here we are, two years later, swearing by our Birks. It was only a matter of time before Tevas became a cornerstone of summer wardrobes everywhere. The appeal is pretty obvious: Something this comfy just can’t be off limits.

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Lace-Up Sandals

Yes, slip-ons are wonderful when you’re actually running out the door. But lace-up sandals can tie a whole look together. (See what we did there?) Bonus: you control how tight the straps are and where they fall on your ankle, so blisters and stubby-looking legs are non-factors.

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Dad Trainers 2.0

Chunky sneakers might not be anything new, but that doesn’t mean we’re tired of these easy kicks. The newest sneakers on the scene are a hybrid between dad footwear and tennis shoes. They’re just bulky enough to combine ample support with a wearable silhouette that you don’t have to be a model to pull off. Go for an all-white shoe, to really nail this trend. 

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