New Year = New You

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that we’re all guilty of not fulfilling one or two (or, cough, all) of last year’s resolutions. But commitments like better fitness habits, a healthier diet, and spending smarter are all very vague aspirations. Maybe our resolutions never see the light of day because we don’t have specific goals to meet and measure them. As our 34th President said, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything” – so use this chart and the tips below to help you achieve success this year. (Yes, it’s even printable, so you have no excuse.)

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Tip #1: Make Resolutions that Speak to You
Forget everyone else – what’s important to you this year? If it doesn’t mean anything to you now, it will most definitely fall by the wayside come February.

Tip #2: Be Specific
Simply saying you’ll “eat healthier” doesn’t mean much. Keep measurable goals, like you’ll only eat red meat once a week or you’ll drink three extra glasses of water a day.

Tip #3: Less is More
Improving your entire self in just 365 days is a little daunting. Focus your energy on one or two aspects instead and really master them over the course of the year. Come 2014, that daily workout or weekly volunteering gig will feel so second nature, you’ll be ready to take on a few new resolutions.

Tip #4: Track Your Progress
Some people (yours truly) are fueled by accomplishment, be it large or small. Write your resolutions on a chart like this one or use one of the many tracking apps to stay on top of your progress, then give yourself mini celebrations along the way.

Tip # 5: Keep at It
Yes. It happens. Between birthdays, holidays, and the aforementioned mini celebrations, we’re bound to slip up now and then. But in lieu of giving up, jump right back on where you left off. You might be set back a little, but you’ve got plenty of time to reclaim that momentum.

By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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