What’s Your Perfect Bedroom Style?

Like in fashion, everyone has a sleeping style all their own. I, for one, can’t get some good shut-eye without an abundance of super-soft blankets and pillows at my disposal, while others may opt for a more simple approach. In honor of all the diverse sleepers out there, this quiz answers that burning question – what style of bedroom is perfect for you?

What’s your pre-sleep routine?

  1. No routine – I hit the hay when my eyes begin to droop.
  2. If my teeth are brushed and my face is washed, I’m good to go.
  3. First I apply my softening face mask, then I brush my hair 10 times, and then…


Describe your dream vacation accommodations.

  1. It’s all about location – the hotel is just for sleeping.
  2. A quaint bed-and-breakfast with tons of personality.
  3. Five-star resort, complete with room service (and a spa on-site wouldn’t hurt).


What do you look for in your ideal sheets?

  1. Low-maintenance cleaning is key for me.
  2. Flannel – I’m all about warmth.
  3. Luxe textures. The softer, the better.


Your nightstand houses:

  1. An alarm clock, and that’s about it.
  2. My clock, bedside lamp, and a stack of books I’ve been meaning to get to.
  3. Family pictures, my favorite scented candles, a sleeping mask, and a vase of fresh flowers.


My ideal Sunday morning calls for:

  1. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.
  2. Lounging in bed with a magazine and cup of coffee.
  3. Rise and shine – I’m due for a mani/pedi before brunch.


Mostly 1s – Low-Key Lounger: You’re not one for bedding extravagance – sleeping comes easily for you whether cocooned in your bed or under a throw on the couch. Your bedroom has a certain monochromatic charm, and you’re all about simple.  Still, don’t be afraid to spring for extra touches (like throw pillows and patterned blankets) – think of them as an added bonus. After all, who couldn’t use a little extra luxe?

Mostly 2s – Serene Sleeper: Somewhere happily between too-low and too-high maintenance, you know the bedroom should be a sanctuary, but you don’t sacrifice function or comfort, either. For you, neutral tones and patterns, with a dramatic pop of color thrown in (sheets, pillows – whatever), will create the perfect at-home haven.

Mostly 3s – Dramatic Dozer: They say go big or go home, but you? You go big for the home, too. Your room should showcase your bold personality, so vibrant colors, patterns, and furnishings are right up your alley. Load up on contrasting patterned pillows and spare blankets in a range of colors – they are the perfect way to bring your personality into the bedroom.

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By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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