In the Loop: A Little Bit About Bouclé

Like the LBD, the bouclé jacket is an iconic Chanel piece. And for years, I’ve dreamed of getting my hands on this textured classic. For now, however, I’m settling for a little piece of its history with a quick look back at how bouclé’s become so beloved.

All About Bouclé

Bouclé is actually a type of yarn with looped accents throughout. So, it’s not really a fabric in itself. But when woven, the yarn makes for a special type of textured tweed. Buckled tweed, to be exact, as the French word “bouclé” suggests. So it comes as no surprise that a French fashion house brought the fabric to life. Or rather, the French fashion house: Chanel.

In 1954, Coco Chanel created the iconic “Little Black Jacket” in – you guessed it – buckled tweed. The softness of the woven bouclé gave the menswear-inspired piece a feminine quality. Ever since, it’s become a polished Chanel staple, as recognizable as quilted leather.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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