Weekend Warrior: Walter Baker


Designer Walter Baker, who helms a namesake line and W118 by Walter Baker, spends his weekdays working like a maniac. His weekends? Well, they’re spent working out like a maniac. For reals. But his downtime’s not all about the treadmill and the tennis court. “For Thanksgiving I go to my house in the south of Florida,” Walter tells Rue. “I like to be by the pool when it’s cold in NYC. That’s what I’m thankful for: some time to relax!” As for the rest of his weekend…

I wake up at 3AM every day – the weekends are no different – at my house in NYC. After I wake up I answer the hundreds of emails I have to go through, then go to the gym at 5AM and read WWD while I’m on the treadmill. I think I’m the only guy who’s reading WWD at the gym. Then I go to Battery Place Market and get a croissant, which I only have on the weekends. At home, my wife, Agnes, makes me a cappuccino in our Nespresso® machine. I’m obsessed. By 8AM I’m on the tennis court playing indoor singles for two hours.

In the afternoon I go shopping with Agnes. I like to go to Soho or the Upper East Side, always dressed head to toe in Rick Owens, black on black. I like checking out the stores to see what women are wearing and feeling out the vibe in NYC, and seeing my line in some of the best stores in NYC. Interacting with my customers is just a really awesome experience. Saturday nights I have dinner in the Village at Il Mulino. I have a standing reservation for every Saturday at 10PM for six people. It’s always a good time and the food is the best.

Sunday is basically rinse and repeat. I go to the gym but don’t play tennis, then watch sports in the afternoon and order in dinner.

Lauren David Peden writes for Rue La La as a Contributing Editor.


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