The Weekend Guide: From Moonrise Kingdom Viewing to Cocktail Mixing

Gearing up for 48 hours of pure me time takes some planning. Here’s our dream agenda for this weekend:

1. Play Mixologist
This mocktail is beyond refreshing. Fill glass half-way with ice and pour in ginger ale (or diet ginger ale) to 1/3 of the glass height. Add 1/4 cup each of orange juice and cranberry juice, and then top with more ginger ale. Don’t stir to retain a tropical-hued ombre look. Squeeze in a lime slice and drop in as garnish.

2. Shake up the makeup routine.
Nothing says Saturday night quite like an in-your-face streak of color splashed on lips or eye lids. For inspiration, we’re hitting up these five must-trys from Glamour.

3. See Moonrise Kingdom
The new Wes Anderson flick is off to a quick start toward cult classicdom. According to Entertainment Weekly, “If the film keeps up this pace as it expands into other markets over the month of June, it could very well surpass The Royal Tenenbaums as director Wes Anderson’s highest grossing film ever.” Meaning we better go see it stat before it becomes old news.

4. Visit the Schiaparelli & Prada Met exhibit – from our couch.
We were stoked to read on WhoWhatWear that a new coffee table book is out chronicling the hugely buzzed-about exhibit. Now all the non-New Yorkers can take in the fashion history through beautiful, glossy pages.

5. Plan a movie night & air First Position.
The new ballet documentary is getting serious buzz – it’s perfect for popcorn, PJs, and old friends. Victoria of VMAC & cheese is raving: “It’s a must see, especially if, like me, you grew up doing ballet. The film centers around 7 kids who are all preparing to compete in the Youth America Grand Prix, an annual ballet competition that ends with awards, scholarships, and even contracts to dance at the world’s top ballet schools. The work these kids put in to have a career as a dancer (and it’s a short career at that) is astounding.

– By Katie Flynn, Editor

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