Wardrobe Overhaul: Revamping My Closet with a Personal Stylist

Ever feel like you have nothing to wear despite overflowing racks and drawers? Me, too.

So I reached out to a fashion stylist and personal shopper for some major closet help. Our goals: create new outfits from clothes I already own, clear out dated and ill-fitting items, and identify the pieces I’m missing. Here’s what I learned.

Right Up Your Ali

It’s better to organize same-season clothing by type rather than color. I can now easily grab pieces for layering – I just need one from each section of the rack. When I oversleep (which is basically every day), this is what saves me.

The tailor is your friend. I thought my coral sundress – a piece my mother passed down to me – was outdated, but my stylist just asked me to have it shortened. Also in the alterations pile? Dresses from Maggie London, Calvin Klein, and LOFT, all in various states of disrepair, and frayed black pants. We set aside my well-loved black flats for the cobbler, too, but I’ll likely replace them.

My closet is in good shape. Don’t get me wrong – we added to my donation pile in a major way. But after ditching the cable-knit sweaters (not my style, which she quickly pinpointed) and oddly fitting straight-leg jeans, we discovered a trove of “new” outfits. A monochromatic look made up of polka dotted shorts, opaque tights, and a silk button-front? An oatmeal sweater paired with leather-piped brown denim? Yes, please.

But I’m still missing some basics. I’m lacking three key pieces: cream corduroys, black skinny jeans for now, and white ones for summer. And there are some items – pretty much all of my button-fronts and sweaters – I shouldn’t wear until I purchase a steamer and a D-Fuzz-It Sweater & Fabric Comb.

My dressing room is now peaceful rather than a daily source of stress. The next step to an easier morning routine? Learning to pick out my clothes the night before. I’ll let you know if I ever get there.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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