Most Wanted: A Peek at This Week’s Boutiques

From usurping the esthetician to achieving Zen by way of a centuries-old sketch, here’s a look at all the lovely things I’ll be snapping up off of Rue this week.

1. Jura Capresso electric water kettle. While studying abroad in England, any and every late-night essay revolved around the electric kettle (my addiction to PG Tips tea was borderline crippling). Why these kettles have yet to become as ubiquitous in America, I do not understand. Because they’re genius. Our Jura Capresso Boutique opens Tuesday, September 18 at 11AM ET.

2. Tweezerman signature kit. In an effort to save some cash (and to be more of a girl), I’ve decided to try a hand at the esthetician’s realm of expertise – at least when it comes to the easier stuff. Our Tweezerman Boutique opens Monday, September 17 at 11AM ET.

3. Omaha Steaks bratwurst. I’ve never met a brat I didn’t like. Especially when said brat is delivered right to my doorstep. Our Omaha Steaks Boutique opens Tuesday, September 18 at 11AM ET.

4. Catherine Malandrino dress. Two words: Laser cuts. Two more words: Totally in. Our Catherine Malandrino Boutique opens Monday, September 17 at 11AM ET.

5. Art Gallery sketch. I’ve always been a sucker for period sketches – especially when what they’re depicting is sleepy and pastoral. Hanging above the desk at home, this piece will be my official reminder to just, stay, calm. Our The At-Home Gallery: Wall Art for Every Style Boutique opens Thursday, September 20 at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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