Most Wanted: A Peek at This Week's Boutiques

1. KitchenAid teakettle. This year I resolve to drink less coffee and more tea. (Or at least to give it the old college try.) Our KitchenAid Boutique opens Monday, December 31, at 11AM ET.  

2. Marika yoga mat. My next goal? Get back into yoga. This stylish mat will make that (a little) more plausible. Our Resolve to Get Fit: Activewear, Sneakers, & More Boutique opens Thursday, January 3, at 11AM ET.  

3. Obsession Rules Women’s Starie Suede Loafer. Always femme and just a bit edgy, these studded flats will be my chief dress-up (and feet-saving) ally of 2012. Our Best of 2012: The 9 Trends to Wear into 2013 Boutique opens Tuesday, January 1, at 11AM ET. 

4. Freestyle watch. I had this exact watch as a child of the oh-so-idyllic early ’90s. Now that it’s grown up (either that, or its retro look has come full circle), I’m hopping back on the Freestyle train – and pronto. Our Back on Track: Athletic Watches by PUMA & More Boutique opens Monday, December 31, at 11AM ET.  

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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