Most Wanted: A Peek At This Week’s Boutiques


From getting a headstart on sweets season to embracing the ultimate rubber clog, here’s a look at all the lovely things I’ll be snapping up off of Rue this week.

1) Seiko watch. Sure, this is a men’s watch. But the way an oversized gold ticker nestles into the rest of the bracelet party is, simply put, irresistible. Our SEIKO Men Boutique opens Sunday, October 28 at 11AM ET.

2) French Sole New York flat. My beloved black skimmers? They’re sporting holes in their respective toes as we speak. The quest for a replacement has been a long and desperate road, but I’m more than confident that this ballet flat czar has it finally coming to an end. Our French Sole New York Boutique opens Tuesday, October 30, at 11AM ET.

3) Brooklyn Cheesecake treats. The season of indulgence is rapidly approaching (YES), so I may as well start conditioning for it. Our Brooklyn Cheesecake & Bittersweet Pastries Boutique opens Wednesday, October 31, at 11AM ET.

4) W.H. Petronela clutch. There’s no two ways about it – I absolutely have to wean myself off lugging an extra-large purse (in which I can stash my shoes and jacket) to parties. Hitting people with it gets awkward, and dancing just isn’t the same. With this killer clutch, though, my phone, ID, cash, and lip gloss are about to become all that I need. (Let the party resume.) Our W.H. Petronela Boutique opens Monday, October 29, at 11AM ET.

5) Crocs clogs. If a shoe is navy, slip-on, waterproof, ankle-skinnifying, and weighs pretty much nothing, guess what – I’ll always have a soft spot for it. Our Crocs Men Boutique opens Wednesday, October 31, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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