W Hotels Inspires Us to Make Over the Bed

The W Hotel Inspires Us To Make Over The Bed

Rue La La: How do we go about making the perfect bed?
Nan: It just takes attention to detail. You need to always be thinking about the final picture. Does it need a bedskirt? To start with, you need really nice bedding, and a good iron. The more luxurious and beautiful the sheets, the better the bed.

Rue La La: We want to recreate this luxe look at home. Can you walk us through your process?
Nan: Okay, my process:
1.) When you buy bedding, make sure to wash it first.
2.) Use a down insert, or a down substitute. Do not skimp on the pillows.
3.) You’ll need a nice mattress pad cover that’s cushiony, breathes, and is soft.
4.) Iron the pillow cases and the duvet, and if you have extra time, the sheets.
5.) Make sure the inserts fit the shams and the pillows fit the pillowcases.

Rue La La: Any chic bed-making shortcuts?
Nan: Use a gorgeous sheet set and a beautiful blanket tucked in or a soft cotton throw draped over. Keep a stash of ironed pillowcases in the closet to save time.

Rue La La: Hospital corners or no hospital corners, that is the question.
Nan: It depends on the kind of sheets. Some sheets, like crisp cotton, are great for hospital corners. But with linen, there’s just something about the way that linen sheets drape.

Rue La La: What kinds of bed linens are you seeing this fall?
Nan: Right now, toile patterns are really hot and so is ikat. I’ve been seeing a lot of anything handprinted or handblocked from India. Also, there’s been more and more linen bedding and sheets in faded and washed tones. To be honest though, I only tend to notice things that I like.

Rue La La: How do you bring patterns into the bedroom without them seeming overwhelming (and keeping you up at night)?
Nan: Since I don’t like decorative pillows, I would bring texture and pattern into a room via the pillowcases and euro sham.

Rue La La: Styling beds means imagining bedrooms. Will you break down your styling process for us?
Nan: Sure, here are my tips:
1.) You need to make a set. What kind of person is this? What color are the walls? What’s the architectural style, bed style, kind of lamp, and what’s the bedside table like? What are they reading if there are books on the nightstand? What kind of art is on the walls? I have a persona picked out and generally I like to think of the person living in the room as intelligent, someone who reads and likes art. I picture them usually reading the same books as I do.
2.) Choose a good mattress pad cover.
3.) Find some good pillows and duvet inserts.
4.) Find a headboard that goes with the bed.
5.) Gather lots of pins and plenty of cotton batting.
6.) Start making the bed from the bottom – the pillows should be the last thing to go on the bed.

Our The W Hotels Bed Boutique opens Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 11AM ET.


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