SPACEStv’s Urban Gardener Talks Indoor Flower Arrangements

One of the most frequent comments I receive about urban gardening is what a release it provides for city dwellers. Urbanites are confronted by the concrete jungle on a daily basis, and a little bit of green can go a long way toward refreshing a worn-out attitude.

This is also true of the green we bring indoors – a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers can turn any dark corner or austere front desk into a welcoming, refreshing experience for anyone who walks by.

Here, read up on my tips to create an awe-inspiring indoor arrangement:

Know context matters.
Consider the room or space where the arrangement will be.

Pick the vessel.
The arrangement should be in proportion to the container.  Use the rule of thirds. For traditional displays, the container should be one third of the total size and the arrangement should be about two-thirds of the total size.

Choose a feature flower.
These are usually the stars of the floral world (roses, peonies, sunflowers, etc.). They like to stand on their own and hold court.

Have a few backup dancers.
These are usually flowers that like to appear in groups or sprays. Use a design motif like texture or color to either contrast with the feature flower or complement it (think goldenrods with sunflowers or thistles with roses).

Don’t forget the greens.
This is how to keep your arrangement personal and fresh. Try something unusual like stapling a long leaf in half or wrapping one of the fleshy leaves around the inside of the container, under water.

Let your imagination take over.
Pair your choices. Think random rather than symmetry. Remember that simplicity usually wins over complexity. Create relationships between elements. And keep your mind focused on the point of the arrangement in the first place: to create something that makes you smile and relax a little as you walk by.

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