It’s Moving Day: A Trulia Expert Shares 10 Essentials for Your First Truckful

It’s official. The movers are booked and you have mere days to completely uproot your life. The time frame for settling in, however, is up to you. It could take two weeks or two years. To avoid pulling your hair out? Ensure your first truckful is filled with the absolute essentials.

Here to share her must-bring list is Trulia's Home Buying Pro Jena Beaver. From your bed (necessary for reenergizing) to a frying pan (you can only eat takeout so many nights in a row), keep this list on hand. It may not make moving week effortless, but it will help to avoid the late-night dig for your toothbrush.

Trulia Moving Packing List

Click the checklist to download and print.

1. First and foremost, bring your bed. Sure, you could use an air mattress, but the more soundly you sleep, the more rejuvenated and ready you’ll be to finish your move – and start unpacking in your new home.

2. The second important item to pack is a sofa. Yes, it’s another large item. And yes, you can sit on the floor, but it’s uncomfortable and impractical. Why do that to yourself? Moving is exhausting. At the end of the day, you’ll want someplace to sit back and relax.

3. Nightstands or end tables also really come in handy. If you have a set of either, you can split them up and use one by your bedside and one in the living room by your sofa until you have the rest of your furniture. Besides, getting a sip of water in the middle of the night is a little tricky – and potentially clumsy – when your cup is sitting on the floor.

4. Another essential box to pack is one containing staple kitchen items like plates, glasses, mugs, flatware, frequently used pots and pans or baking dishes, and a cutting board and knife. You might want to order delivery the first night or two, but eating every meal out gets old fast. Bring at least enough to execute a few simple, home-cooked meals.

5. All-purpose cleaner. No matter how hard the cleaners scrubbed, they may not quite be up to your standards.

6. A small table. Whether it’s a coffee table to go with your couch or a dining table with a few folding chairs, it’s going to be indispensable. Because, let’s face it – eating off your lap is not an option.

7. Include your TV, or some other form of entertainment. Nighttime can be pretty boring when all your belongings are tightly packed in boxes. If you’re not a fan of the tube, toss in a book, deck of cards, knitting needles, or a board game.

8. Don’t forget a few days’ worth of clothes and a change of shoes. Cleaning and unpacking can be dirty work, and a few fresh outfits will make all the difference in how you feel.

9. Put together an essentials box with toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, travel-sized toiletries, instant coffee, pet food, and the like.

10. Linens are one of the most overlooked items during a move. You are not going to have a very good shower or first night’s sleep without towels and bed sheets. Bring a few hand towels, too.

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By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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