Rue How-To: The Patterned Dress That Never Tires


Even when we love it, we’re on edge when it comes to wearing the same recognizably patterned dress more than once for the fear of camera-happy friends papering the repeat offender all over the web. Yet, with the professional styling of Evan, one of the Rue La La stylists, there’s no need to hide from the paparazzi. These three iterations each feel fresh for whatever comes our way: whether we’re dressing for a date, the office, or the weekend.

1. We believe that the term “save the date” signifies the SOS potential of the perfect outfit. Head to the restaurant, salsa bar, or bistro donning a tribal dress, bold cuffs around the wrist, and a pair of rough-around-the-edges sandals.

2. We believe that the term “business casual” is not synonymous with boring. Head to the cubicle, conference room, or company cafeteria donning a tribal dress, a fitted black blazer, a chunky black and gold necklace, and a pair of chunky black boots with a heel.

3. We believe that the term “at the drop of a hat” was coined for our weekend spontaneity. Head to the neighborhood park, outdoor café, or take a city stroll donning a tribal dress partnered with a green field jacket, a flamingo orange skinny belt, a fedora wrapped in a ribbon of color, and a pair of wood-heeled cutout sandals.

Now that we’ve given a few examples, where else would you go and how else would you don this lovely tribal tiered frock?

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