Travel Trivia: 5 Out-There Facts About Barcelona

Some call Barcelona, Spain, the other city that never sleeps – a summary I’d agree with, except for the existence of that snoozy afternoon thing they call siesta. But it’s still undeniable: this city has charge. The blur of Gaudí’s fairytale architecture. La Rambla’s hungry mile of churros and horchata and souvenirs. To arrive is to be swept away, gladly, for days. And nights. And days.

So let’s put things in motion, shall we? Starting with these five completely out-there facts.


1. Barcelona’s prime language isn’t Spanish. It’s Catalan. (You maybe knew that.) But did you know that even their website domains vary? Barcelona chooses .cat instead of Spain’s typical .es.

2. Gaudí wasn’t La Sagrada Familia‘s original architect. Architect Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano began the church’s construction in 1882. Gaudí took over in 1883 and majorly revamped things.

3. All those Eiffel Tower proposals could have happened in Barcelona. Yup, local rumor has it that in 1888, Gustav Eiffel offered to build his tower here – but the Catalan government didn’t dig it.

4. Barcelona touts some of the world’s best beaches. But if you visited before the 1992 Olympics, you wouldn’t have agreed. They weren’t open to the public until that very year.

5. Contrary to popular belief, Catalonians don’t actually drink sangria. Tourists drink sangria. But don’t look so sad. It’s still served in spades.

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By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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