Hello, September: It’s Time for Tailored

Ahh, the blazer. Simple, sleek – a lifesaver. It’s the one piece of clothing you can put on and immediately feel put together. The beauty of this smart jacket is its ability to go from formal to casual. As one half of a suit, it’s a classic closet staple; alone, it gives just enough professional polish to get away with jeans and tees at the office. And while a blazer looks great straight off the rack (as long as it fits right), with a few personal touches it becomes a show-stopping piece that really shows off your (amazing) individual style.

Be (like) a man.
We already stole the blazer from the guys, so why not take the pocket square, too? Like its brother, the tie, this small accessory adds the perfect punch of personality (and color) to a suit. For something more feminine, try a cluster of brooches (I am obsessed with these ones).

Get to work.
Or at least pretend to, and roll your sleeves up. Best when done with jeans, rolling the sleeves of your blazer gives it a more casual air – and when there’s an interior pattern involved, well, why wouldn’t you want to show that off?

Buckle up.
A fitted blazer belted at the waist will do wonders for your figure. But stick with simple, skinny belts on this one – gaudy belt buckles need not apply.

Put your hands in the air.
Or throw a few punches, as our stylist Maureen suggests. The purpose? Making sure your blazer fits. Because if the back and shoulders are too snug, we all know where this amazing piece will end up – gathering dust in the back of the closet.

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By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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