Wardrobe Solutions: Save the White T

If you’re anything like me, nothing looks better than a crisp white T-shirt paired with jeans, shorts, anything really. But that awesomely casual aesthetic can be ruined too easily by the appearance of unwelcome underarm stains. So I set out to defy this wardrobe enemy and discovered Put This On, my new favorite site for men’s fashion. Here’s what they say will make those dreaded stains disappear:

The Cause
First things first, your shirt’s yellow stains aren’t caused by sweat. They’re actually caused by a chemical reaction between your sweat and the aluminum in your Old Spice. Aluminum puts the anti in antiperspirant.

The Solutions

Science: For the thrifty and chemically inclined, equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water, mixed with baking soda and rubbed into your stains (use a small, soft brush) will clean your shirts right up. It’ll be cheaper than any other brand-name solution.

Oxi-CleanBilly Mays was a great man, and shame on me for not trusting his product, because it works. If you want to go the brand-name route, use Oxi-Clean on your stains, just rub it on, soak it in, and toss it into a load of laundry. Use it with the hottest water your shirt will allow, and your clothes will look like new.

Note: these methods work best on white fabrics. Approach your colored button-downs with caution. Experiment on a hem beforetaking your cleaning solutions to your shirt’s more conspicuous areas.

By Marcus Miller, Staff Writer

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