Perfect Fit: Tips for Finding the Right Ring Size

Ring size is important. Whether it’s the big-day diamond or a flashy cocktail number, no one wants their ring falling off – or, even worse, cutting off finger circulation. To make sure your ring fits properly, read up on these sizing tips.

How a Ring Should Fit

Use a toothpick. Your ring should go on with ease and come off without any straining or stress, so a little room is a good thing. Many jewelers say the just-right ring fits with a toothpick between the ring and skin so it can twist – just make sure it’s not making full 360-degree turns around your finger with no push whatsoever.

Pick the right time of day. We’re all a little bloated when we first wake up. Take this into consideration when buying a ring – if you’re having a puffy day, hold off on your purchase. Another nature factor to think about: the weather. Our fingers have a tendency to shrink in the cold, so buying a ring that’s even a smidge too loose could result in losing it when the weather gets chilly. To avoid both problems, try on a ring in moderate temps, well after lunch.

Clench your fist. This tip is for those rocking the new mid-finger – or “midi ring” – trend. Midi rings should be worn somewhere between your middle knuckle and the tip of your finger. Clench your fist when trying one on to make sure it doesn’t cause your finger to stiffen. I also recommend a delicate, dainty style that won’t interfere with daily to-dos, like writing and typing.

By Alex Tighe, Staff Writer

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