New Haircut Not So Cute? This Is For You.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you need to listen to this adorable interview recorded by NPR reporter Jeff Cohen documenting the worst haircut ever. We’ve all been there before – a bad haircut can really put a damper on your style and confidence. But don’t panic – turn to these easy tricks to hide your bad hair day and make the most of an awkward look.

This roundup from Craft Foxes shows a variety of ways you can use scarves, bandanas, and hats to cover up a bad ‘do. Also check out our tutorials on how to rock a bandana and an urban turban for a chic way to cover up.

Struggling with hair that’s somewhere between long and short? Refinery29 has a great tutorial on cute updos that are perfect for making the most of awkward-length hair.

Want to avoid a bad haircut in the first place? The girls in the beauty department at Glamour have some great suggestions on how to speak hairdresser. Their key advice: When you say “short” – make sure you mean it.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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