Skip the Falsies: Try This Lash-Thickening Trick

At first glance, this is admittedly a little freaky. Reminds me of the 90s when the inner-lid eyeliner was all the craze. But don’t panic – we’re not getting that close to our contact lenses this time. Tightlining, sometimes called “the invisible eyeliner,” is characterized by full, thick lashes and achieved through a subtle application of eyeliner.

Eye Can Do It: How To Tightline

How to apply? “Key to mastering tightlining is pulling up your eyelid slightly and then depositing pigment not above or below your lashes, but straight on them, so that you fill the ‘gaps’ left by the growth of your individual eyelashes,” writes New York Magazine: The Cut.

The trick is to appear as if you’re not wearing any eyeliner whatsoever. While I don’t suggest practicing while sitting in traffic on the way to work, tightlining can be an effective technique for adding definition to your eyes – in a super sneaky way.

Visit The Cut for a full GIF tutorial on tightlining.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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