Throw a Party: Hosting Tips for The Smallest Nooks

Entertaining, in a nutshell, takes practice, courage, and a little imagination for repurposing furniture and objects into party central. I love throwing a party regardless of my small floor plan. Pick a party theme that embraces the coziness of your mini-sized space and start planning:

  • Create different party zones even if you live in under 300 square feet – an area for conversation, games, drinking, and dancing. Keep seating away from drink central to avoid congestion.
  • No room to spare for guests’ coats?  Time to hit the showers! I have a collapsible coat rack that fits right into my shower and moonlights as a coat check for parties. To be fun, you can create “numbered” claim check tags printed with a guest photo to hang on each hanger. Try to keep hangers all the same color so they look neat and tidy.  I also provide baskets underneath to hold purses and briefcases.
  • Not enough table space? Grow up! Put everything on a footed platter and start stacking. I use regular white plates (a dinner, salad, and dessert size) and stack them with white eggcups. Reusable Museum Gel keeps everything attached and stable. When the party is over, plates store flat in their cabinet until the next gathering.
  • Create an invite and menu around miniature appetizers and tiny martinis. Mix up a signature cocktail for the night, which always makes guests feel special and festive.
  • Have a few friends help pitch in for a “short” bartender.  Even in a small space, having someone dedicated solely to ice, shaking cocktails, and filling glasses elevates the cool factor for the night and instantly relieve hostess anxiety.
  • Invest $50 of your party budget toward a folding butler’s tray table that you can transform into a portable bar. You will use it over and over again. The best part is that everything folds up flat. Another recessionista-style option: a cheap luggage rack can double as a second drink station.  Just top it off with a tray that you own, and guests will be partying until the sun comes up.
  • Lighting is key so put your main lights on dimmer switches and opt for flameless candles everywhere – safety first! Flameless tea lights can safely add a glow to bookshelves, windowsills, baseboards, and bedrooms… places you would never use real flames.
  • Petite Party Favors To Go: Personalize miniature cupcakes with photo icing for each guest… in take-out form. Just upload your favorite photo to any of several custom icing websites, and they’ll send back edible photo sheets that dissolve into icing.


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