This Common Cure for Sunburns Is Also a Cure for Acne



Don’t you love it when one product solves multiple problems? We sure do. And we just found out one of our favorite sunburn remedies is also a natural acne healer. Oh, aloe vera, how we love you.

Think about it. Aloe helps to reduce pain and redness from a sunburn, so it only makes sense that it does the same for acne. While it’s super hydrating (which is why our skin drinks it up after too much sun), it’s also naturally antibacterial. It actually prevents bacteria from infecting acne wounds and accelerates the healing process. Plus, it helps to fade old acne scars for a more even-toned complexion over time.

To reap the benefits, scrape the gel out of an aloe plant and apply directly to affected areas like an overnight mask, or treat your skin with pure aloe gel for a quicker approach. Both methods work the same way and help to heal new and old acne. Pro tip: Pop a bottle of aloe in the fridge for extra depuffing benefits.

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