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The French Hair Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018

Refinery29 | Lexy Lebsack

“In France, hair trends are a matter of generation,” Matthieu Séguier, hairstylist and owner of Paris’ Salon Séguier, told me this fall after giving me what he affectionately refers to as “the French girl haircut.” That is, the collarbone-length, slightly A-line, layered cut that is flooding the streets of Paris right now. “People in their 30s saw their mother with short hair [in the 80s], so they want their hair longer,” he explains. “But their daughters will return to shorter lengths.”

Before we continue, it’s important to note that the words “long” and “short” are often lost in translation when interviewing French hairstylists. “In Paris, this is long,” Séguier adds, pointing to a spot on his chest just below his collarbone. For Americans, my new chop would be considered mid-length, even short in certain circles, so you can guess what “short” translates to: a pixie or bowl cut.

Along with my fresh cut, Matthieu introduced me to the buzziest new hair line coming out of the city of lights this year: Hair Ritual By Sisley Paris. The collection of shampoos, conditioners, styling treatments, and serums are just as luxurious (and pricy) as the brand’s cult skin-care counterpart. And, true to Sisley’s DNA, they take an elevated, scientific approach to scalp and hair health, all wrapped up in packaging and a light floral scent that’s as chic as the salesgirls at Le Bon Marche.

You can shop the entire collection online starting February 15th, which gives us all just enough time to adopt one of the French haircuts that the line so perfectly complements. Here are the trends taking over Paris right now and the products you’ll need to pull them off – wherever you are.

Travel and accommodations were provided to the author by Sisley for the purpose of writing this story.

Credit: Yves Durif

The Baby Bowl

Yves Durif, one of the most well-known and admired French hairstylists working today, calls this cut “the baby bowl” – a nod to the short length and semi-blunt finish. He loves the look on model Sarah Fraser, and notes that it can be worn air-dried, slicked back (Yves’ favorite), or parted in a few different ways.
“We are seeing a lot of short hair during the couture week in Paris, which is like the Formula One for hair – you see the eccentricity and then you keep whatever comes out of it in a more commercial manner,” he says. For him, this look combines the gamine effect of the pixie, mixed with the edge of the bowl cut.
Product To Try: For hair this short, there’s no time to fight your natural texture. Instead, opt for shampoo like Sisley’s Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo, which has Shea, macadamia, and Moringa oils to make everything glossy and easier to air-dry.

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The Bébé Bang

Durif and Séguier share a love for shorter looks, but many clients don’t want to lose their length. “I try to encourage women to try something different,” Durif explains, “But the only thing that will change the effect of long hair is fringe.”
One of Sisley’s L.A.-based hair experts, Chad Wood, admits that baby bangs are hard to pull off, so he recommends them for those with strong features, like his client, Algerian-French dancer and actress Sofia Boutella. “Sometimes when you put soft, girly baby bangs on someone with soft features it’s too much,” he says. (If that’s you, keep clicking…)
Product To Try: There’s no pinning or braiding these bangs back, so make dry shampoo – ideally one with gentle ingredients that won’t irritate your skin – your friend.

Credit: @alannaarrington

Curly Curtain Fringe

Model Alanna Arrington shows off another trend dominating Paris right now: long, swingy fringe that’s ever so lightly chopped into with point cutting. It’s another look that Durif loves for those with any length or texture, especially curly or wavy hair. In fact, he only has one rule when embracing bangs: Do not, under any circumstances, feel like they need to be blown straight. “It’s the end of the keratin treatment,” he says. We’ve spotted similar, face-framing fringe on Parisian It girl Crystal Murray.
Product To Try: A hair oil that soaks in lightning fast and leaves hair glossy, not greasy. Wood likes Sisley’s version, which has passion fruit as well as Shea, cotton, and Moringa oils. “It makes the hair shiny, beautiful, and works for every hair texture,” he says.

Credit: Courtesy of Sal Salcedo

The Fringed Bob

Taylor LaShae is the French-Colombian influencer you’ve seen all over Instagram – and her haircut, done by L.A. stylist Sal Salcedo, is changing the bob game. In fact, Wood tells us that his client Vanessa Hudgens’ newest cut was based on LaShae’s ‘do. “She is the chicest French girl you have ever seen — you just want to be her,” he says. “Vanessa and I just mimic this girl, we’re obsessed.” (We are, too.)
Wood recommends a totally blunt cut that’s even when your chin is raised, then very lightly point-cut so the ends get that enviable curl. “You have to take the corner off or it just becomes a normal bob, which can be a bit harsh,” Wood explains. “That little curl in the front, that is where it becomes French.” As far as the bangs, they should hit right at the brows.
Product To Try: You’ll want to keep a mini flatiron, like T3’s SinglePass Iron, on hand to manipulate those flips and smooth any frizzy areas. Or, you could make like LaShae and air-dry your bangs with a beret. (Does it get any more French girl than that?)
Credit: @lexylebsack

The French Girl Cut

Behold: The exact “French girl cut” Séguier gave me in Paris. Like all good things from Paris (croissants, micellar water, little black dresses), it’s simple but far from boring. Séguier says this look is easy to achieve: Ask for a collarbone cut that’s a hair shorter in the back and layered for your unique texture. Then, it’s all about air-drying
Product To Try: Séguier recommends Sisley’s Fortifying Serum, which has a blend of minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, and proteins – plus a hit of essentials oils – that encourage healthy hair growth. The result: more volume (immediately) and stronger hair (over time).

Credit: @bwatuwant

The Split Afro

Durif’s client, model Brit Watkins, is wearing his favorite curly cut for 2018: the split Afro. (Head over to her IG for endless hair inspiration.) Durif says to ask for bangs that taper out towards your length and rounded layers, then build the volume with a modern center part. While Watkins is NY-based, Durif predicts this shape will be huge among Paris’ curly-haired set. We’ve already spotted it on cool girl Laetitia Lotthé.
Product To Try: For definition and shine, pick up a light curl gel that won’t weigh down curls or flatten that voluminous shape.

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