Rue How-To: The Art of the Pocket Square

The pocket square is back (thank you, Don Draper) and like its brother the tie, this small accessory adds the perfect punch of personality to standard suits and bland blazers. Try it in bright hues against black jackets or go with gingham and plaid prints to give grey suits some added oomph. And whatever you do, don’t get all matchy-matchy on us – going with the same color or pattern as your tie is a serious no-no.

Once you’ve got your palette down pat, it’s on to the fold. To figure out our favorites, we turned to Peter Millar founder, Chris Knott. Watch the video, then tell us which ones you’ll be trying!

How To Fold A Pocket Square

The Puff Fold
Lay the fabric down flat, allowing the two natural center creases to form four even squares. Pinch the fabric at the center of each square, pulling each center together. Then gather the bottom and place it in your suit pocket. Fiddle for desired puffiness.

The On-the-Fly Fold
Start by laying the fabric down flat. Pinch the middle of the fabric and give it a good shake. Then, gather up the bottom, and turn it up to fold the fabric bundle in half. Finally, tuck it in your pocket.

The Sartorial Fold
First, spread the fabric out on a flat surface in a diamond shape. Fold the bottom corner up to the top. Next, fold the right corner up across the center so that it hits just left of the top corner. Then, repeat with the other side. This should result in a diamond with a just-off-kilter top point. Now, fold in the right and left sides towards the center, and fold the bottom corner over them. Lastly, tuck the square in your pocket with the three points facing up.

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