TGIF: The Right Way to Dress for Casual Friday

Casual Fridays have long been celebrated in the working world as a break from that stuffy office wear. But, a little reminder: “casual” should be used lightly if you still want to be taken seriously. For women, that means no sweats, no jeggings, and definitely no crop tops. To be safe (you know, in case you run into the CEO), stick to these seven rules to live by from Marie Claire. Then, come 5PM, feel free to rock all of the aforementioned no-nos.

BLG-1705 Curated Tailored Residual

Rule 1: Opt for pieces you could wear on Monday or Friday.

Rule 2: Go ahead and rock a heel – just make sure it’s not a stiletto.

Rule 3: Avoid sleeveless anything unless it’s under a blazer or cardi. Keep dresses seasonal, yet professional, and add opaque tights for chilly fall days.

Rule 4: If you’re going to slip on jeans, stick to dark denim.

Rule 5: Button-fronts are always a good idea. (Add a modern twist by swapping in chambray instead.)

Rule 6: Rock super-bright colors and bold prints. They make Fridays that much more fun.

Rule 7: Accessorize with abandon to dress it up.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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