Let's Get Technical: The Science Behind the Warmest Jackets Around

Fact: no one likes being cold, so come winter, layering on the insulation is key. Whether you’re jumping out of a helicopter on a snowboard, cross-country skiing, or simply schlepping to work during a snowy commute, Mountain Hardwear’s gear has the technology to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. Just check out some of its innovative fabrics and fillings below.


Dry.Q Elite
Most waterproof-breathable jackets require high body heat before breathability kicks in, but outerwear with Dry.Q Elite? It starts breathing the instant you put it on, regardless of outside temps or your body’s warmth.

Ghost Whisperer Fabric
This ultra-thin and seriously warm fabric is naturally water-repellent, windproof, and downproof (meaning it won’t lose its insulation when wet). Even more impressive? It’s so exclusive, only one mill in the world weaves it.

AirShield Core
Thanks to its tightly weaved fibers, this fabric’s gaps are too small for air to enter at high speeds. Translation? It’s completely windproof, so you’ll stay warm even at the gustiest summit. Climb on.

Traditional waterproof gloves have two separate layers, making it easy for water to get caught between them. OutDry®, however, bonds a waterproof-breathable membrane directly to the gloves’ exterior. That means no water gets in – ever. Sayonara, hand warmers.

Dry.Q Core
Made for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t need the extreme levels of performance offered by Dry.Q Elite, this fabric is completely waterproof and breathable. Bunny slope, here you come.

Our Mountain Hardwear Boutique opened Thursday, September 19, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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