Let’s Talk Hemlines: The Appropriate Lengths for 4 Occasions

One doesn’t become Palm Beach’s perennial queen bee without knowing a thing or two about social etiquette. Topping the list of manner musts (besides never asking, “When are you due?”) – an occasion-appropriate hemline. No one wants to ruin Nana’s 90th birthday party with an illicit stretch of thigh – and, as Ms. Pulitzer’s multi-length assortment of frocks demonstrates, no one has to.

The Rooftop Party
The hanging paper lanterns are out (and so are all of your friends). Tonight is all about playing under the starry summer sky, and this prep-inspired shift fits right in with the fun.

The Wedding
While the bride may be a twenty-something, there’s extended family to consider here. An extra-flared skirt creates the illusion of added length, meaning you can get away with showing a little leg – by tricking the crowd into thinking you aren’t.

Nana’s 90th Birthday Party
Rule of thumb: if the majority of a soiree’s guests lived through the Great Depression, then opt for a hemline that hits, at most, an inch above the knee (oh, and that aforementioned flared-skirt illusion comes into play here, too).

The Office
Grazing the knees, this frock’s getting down to business…right up until five o’clock, that is. A pair of patent peep toes and a pile of gold bracelets later, it’s time to head out for cocktails.

Our Lilly Pulitzer Boutique opens Wednesday, August 1, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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