The Everyday Romantic’s Wardrobe

Blame it on that dog-eared copy of Gone With the Wind, but when it comes to clothing, I’m a hopeless romantic. Give me a wisp of lace or a pretty little bow and I swoon – with no fainting couch in sight.

So, needless to say, I love to work a good bit of romance into my day-to-day attire. But striking a chord between modern-day woman and hopeless romantic is tricky, and can all too often err on the side of modern-day priss. So I set to work decoding ways to stay feminine – and 21st century – no matter the occasion.

For work days: Try adding small, feminine touches to tailored staples – a bit of lace detailing on a tweed pencil skirt, a sophisticated tie on an ethereal blouse – to keep workday looks from turning saccharine.

For play days: A classic staple – like this trench – turns insta-girly with the help of a pretty-in-pink hue and uber-flattering, full-skirted shape. Just remember: with a feminine silhouette and bold color, there’s no need to OD on frills.

For evenings out: Two words: black lace. At once sensual and ladylike, it gives off just a touch of that date-night, come-hither vibe. But if you’re not up for an all-out look, work it in slowly. The touch of black mesh at the neckline of this fitted wool dress proves that feminine can still mean sophisticated (and even edgy).

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By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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