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How to Look Chic While Wearing Sweatpants (No, Really)

Last year, I had a pair of military-inspired joggers that quickly became my Friday uniform. Comfy? Check. Great for layering? Also check. Right now, I'm on the hunt for a fresh pair – and I'm taking this luxe-fabric advice to heart.

Sam Dulac


New Yorkers may have a reputation for dressing to the nines, but that doesn’t mean we don’t crave the sartorial equivalent of a really good nap now and again. But there’s a fine line between “off-duty cool” and “laundry day.” Here’s how to style sweats and still look totally put-together.

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Go All-Out Sporty

If you’d told us ten years ago that baseball caps and workout shoes were going to be the height of fashion, we would’ve laughed in your face. But our feet and our third-day hair are eternally grateful.

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Look for Luxe Fabrics

Sorry, but that bagged-out pair with your alma mater printed across the butt isn’t gonna cut it. Your outside-world sweats will feel extra polished in super-soft materials like lyocell or even cashmere.

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Go (Slightly) Color-Coordinated

If you’re worried about looking like you overslept and just threw on the nearest clothes, unify the look by tying similar colors into the rest of your outfit. (In our case, that usually means black, black, and more black.)

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Try Track Pants

Not into elasticized hems? Try a straight-leg silhouette with stripes down the sides. They’ll lengthen your legs and add athletic edge to an otherwise simple outfit.

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Make a Faux Jumpsuit

All the style of a one-piece wonder, none of the bathroom anxiety. Win-win.



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