Guys, Take Note: Here's Which Suit to Wear, Where

The next time you suit up, remember this: not all suits are created equal. It’s true. One style may be suitable for a work function, while another is not. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ve broken it all down for you below.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
When heading into a job interview, a dark suit is the way to go. Try a classic navy style with a solid shirt underneath. Remember, you want your résumé to speak volumes, not your outfit.

Play with Pattern
Once you actually have the job, it’s okay to show a little personality with a patterned suit.  If the pattern isn’t visible from a distance, go all-out and pair it with a plaid or checkered shirt. If that doesn’t win your cube-mates over, nothing will.

Lighten Up
For non-work-related events (say, your friend’s wedding), a suit in a lighter hue works best.  And no, it’s not just acceptable in warm-weather months: you can break this out in the winter, too – just pair it with a dark button-front.

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By Regan Templeton, Staff Writer

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