The Most Stylish Week of the Year: How to Dress Like a NYFW Pro

Ah, New York Fashion Week. The time of year when the most stylish come out to play – and we’re not just talking models and designers. From bloggers to socialites to editors, Manhattan turns into one big runway where street style reigns supreme.

Whether you’ve seen it all firsthand or not, copying NYFW’s street-savvy? Totally acceptable. Here, we break down some looks to help you channel your inner fashionista.


The Blogger
Snapping OOTD pics at every turn, the blogger is willing to push boundaries for “likes.”
She’s Never Without: A huge handbag (for that bulky camera), a cell phone, wear-all-day shoes, and extra flats for emergencies.

The Editor
Polished, professional, and looking for inspiration at every turn, the editor (hello, Anna Wintour) is always timeless.
She’s Never Without: A killer pair of heels, a designer handbag, a notepad and pen (for writing down emerging trends), snacks for when lunch is nonexistent, and an iPad®.

The Socialite
She’ll be rocking this season’s trends, tweeting from the front row at all the hottest shows, and sipping champagne in the VIP lounge.
She’s Never Without:
Paparazzi-shielding sunglasses, a Starbucks latte, an entourage, and an It bag.

Our Dress Like a NYFW Pro: Key Looks Boutique opens Wednesday, September 11, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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