The Style Rewind: Pan Am

Whoa, we might be on our way to Monte Carlo with the Pan Am crew, but keep on getting rerouted to flashback town. In between actual airtime, we’re tagging along with the crew to pool halls, pawnshops, and glamorous casinos. This episode is nothing short of a work of sartorial mastery – and we’ve chosen the best of the best moments to share with you.

Sartorial Highlights:
• Kate’s green dress with a cape left us sitting on the sidelines for a couple of minutes just working to catch our breath. Simply dazzling! No wonder she wins over Niko.
• If Maggie were to come up with her own clothing line, we’d be beating everyone and their mother out just to see the collection firsthand (and maybe maxing out our credit card). Her hot pink skirt with taupe striped shirt is the object of our desire.
• Much to our chagrin, Collette had a nothing role this week around. Yet, her olive lace dress was enough to catch our attention.

How did this episode measure up? Did any other style moments strike you?


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