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Two Friends Talk Flowers

Fresh from designing the flowers for our Style. I Do! photo shoot, Tangerine Creations Creative Director Orly Khon sat down with her friend, Rue La La Style Editor Rachel Solomon, to talk work, weddings, and why their worlds aren’t so different after all.

Rachel: I’ve known you for so long, but have never even asked how you got into the flower world!
Orly: Seven or eight years ago I had a friend in event planning, and I began to work events here and there. I was always in interior design, but there was something about working with flowers that I just loved.

Rachel: It’s so clear that you worked in design – you can see real personal style in what you do. You have a certain taste level, a certain eye and aesthetic. It’s never frou frou!
Orly: I look at things like color, and lines – each and every piece I make is different, but the fundamentals of designing them is always the same.

Rachel: I know you do flowers for businesses, and for private homes – clearly doing flowers for weddings is another level.
: There is so much emotion. Brides come in with a very specific idea of what they want and don’t want – and why some flowers have importance to them for sentimental reasons.

Rachel: Was I an emotional bride when you did the flowers for my wedding?
Orly: No! I do remember your flowers though – bright, fun, colorful. So beautiful.

Rachel: In an unusual setting like mine – an outdoor wedding, a lobster shack overlooking a fire pit and a dirt parking area where the band played Latin music, flowers are what make it feel special.
Orly: Well I think so! I couldn’t make it to your wedding – I wish I could have been there!  I still need to see your pictures.

Rachel: I promise to post them to Facebook! How about your wedding? What were the flowers like?
Orly: Believe it or not, my flowers were all white! It was 10 years ago. But if I could do it again now, I would have gone bold and bright – like the bouquet I brought for the photo shoot today. I love those bright pink peonies mixed with green – they’re gorgeous.

Rachel: In fashion, we’re constantly thinking about what’s new. Is it the same in the flower industry?
Orly: Yes, it’s very much like clothes. Flowers are trend-rooted, and trends change from season to season. Right now, we’re seeing a lot of purple – and the style is shifting from ultra modern to more traditional.

Rachel: So do brides really scrutinize every last detail? Are they actually bringing in their wedding dresses when they go for a flower consult?
Orly: Oh yes, all the time. I saw one recently that I loved – I ended up doing a bouquet of deep, wine-red flowers for the bride. They complemented her dress so much. We always try to pair flowers with the dress but also with the bride’s personality. It’s about tying it all together – it makes my job so rewarding in the end.

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To see Orly’s flowers for Rachel’s wedding, check out our Facebook page.


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