August Style Forecast: Rue Horoscopes

We may not be experts on astrology or the moon’s position, but we do know style alignment. And in forecasting the next month, here’s what’s in store for you.

That empty feeling you’ve been harboring? Don’t over-think it. It’s probably just your inner need for an array of arm candy. Experiment with mixing metals and textures – we’re talking woven rose gold, meets shiny silver, meets striking pops of neon. Not helping? Consult the candy aisle.

Go ahead, plow through those tasks you’ve been avoiding like the plague — like finally pulling the trigger on that fringe handbag. The payoff is so much more rewarding than the unease of an unfinished project (or void in your closet).

Mile-a-minute? It’s just your style. So keep yourself in check with a new statement watch, a day on an empty beach, or a much-deserved hot fudge sundae. Little indulgences will keep you relaxed during even the busiest of weeks.

Don’t let recent setbacks get you down in the dumps. Learn from disappointing experiences: missed out on those to-die-for Free People floral pants? Next time, snag two pairs and leave those rookie shoppers to learn from their own mistakes.

So, you’re a fan of instant gratification (so are we). When it comes to life, don’t give in to disappointment when something doesn’t work out right away. Some of the best things are worth the wait (hello, savings account dedicated to the Hermes bag fund). But when it comes to shopping? Buy. Everything. Immediately.

Goals, the finish line, anything with chocolate – these are things always on your mind. Sadly, sometimes our plans don’t work out the way we hoped. The best attack? Take everything in stride, and focus on that silver lining. If that doesn’t work, stick to sterling silver, instead.

If there’s one thing you’re good at, it’s keeping the peace. And the best way to put your superhero talent to work is to rock a little bit of everything. We’re thinking law-defying leather pants, some sweet-and-innocent floral prints, and an oh-so-hobo satchel.

No one likes to talk about the uncomfortable stuff – but it’s time to man (err, woman) up. Have that conversation you’ve been avoiding. If you need a little confidence boost, wear that pair of shoes that makes you five inches bolder, those perfect-fitting jeans that are more comforting than your old teddy bear, heck, wear your lucky jersey – just do it already.

In lieu of holding onto grudges, we suggest working through the little things with presents. That’s right. Butting heads with a co-worker? Get on their good side with an apologetic coffee, gift certificate, bracelet – anything. In the wrong or not – your relationship is about to get a whole lot easier.

Planning is kind of your thing (every episode of Real Housewives is DVR’d; you always remember birthdays, etc). Put those forward-thinking skills to work for you by leaving cookies or a thoughtful thank you note for the UPS man (trust us, he will forever treat your black and white packages with care).

It’s funny how they never specify whether the proverbial “road less traveled” is the short or long way around. But in your case? It’s the latter. Don’t worry so much about getting there – just pack everything you own (yes, you will need the oversized tote and the box clutch) and hope for the best.

This might come as a shock, but you need to relax. Whether it’s an hour-long facial (honestly, you’re probably due for some pampering), or a shopping spree that fills your closet with everything you do (and don’t) need – we say, indulge. Just grab your (new) floppy hat, sip a glass of lemonade, and breathe.


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