STYLE. I do! Live Colorfully Every After

Everyone knows that the color makes a big difference on the Big Day (hence all the hubbub and almost-agonizing decisions that come along with color schemes). In our STYLE. I do! Live Colorfully After Boutique, our stylist Lauren created three distinct stories that all come across as “gorgeous and real-life elegant.” Here’s what she had in mind while on set:

Warm Tones
“These pinks, reds, and oranges just feel so friendly and upbeat.”

Cool Hues
“This is just so elegant. We went with cool, oceanic blues that come across so ethereal.”

Metallic Neutrals
“This style is almost boho rather than glam. The metallics are all soft, not overpowering, so the focus is still on her.”

Our STYLE. I do! Live Colorfully After Boutique opens Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 11AM ET.


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