The Stuck-Inside Workout: How to Get Fit at Home

Determined to stick to your New Year’s resolution of working out more (or at all)? Great. Getting to the gym when the temperature outside has plummeted to sub-zero levels and another winter storm is heading your way? Easier said than done.

Though the weather outside is still frightful, don’t worry. We let Dom, Rue designer and certified personal trainer, walk us through a few moves we can easily pull off at home.

Workout_blog1. Pushups: Self-explanatory. This is a move you can utilize no matter your surroundings.

2. Lunge with Arm Curl: If you have a resistance band lying around (if not, they are available at most sporting good stores), incorporate it into your standard lunge. Pull the band up as you step into your lunge to work glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

3. Mountain Climbers: You can try this core workout on a hardwood floor or other smooth surface. All you need? Two sheets of paper towels. Rapidly step each foot forward, one after the other, like you’re climbing a mountain (instead of, you know, sliding on your kitchen floor).

4. Backstrokes: Lie vertically, extend both arms above your head, and lift your legs off the floor. Reach forward and touch both ankles. Hello, abs of steel.

5. Plank Twists: Planking is more than just a worldwide trend. Support your weight with your arms and twist each leg inward to work your core muscles.

6. Crab Toe Touch: Support your weight with one arm while extending your leg forward and reaching out to touch your toes.

7. Squat & Press: While the Rue La La gym comes with no shortage of equipment, I definitely don’t have weights lying around my apartment. Dom says this move – designed to work shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings – can be easily achieved with a heavy can of tomatoes (or vegetable of your choice) or gallons of water. Simply begin in a squat position, holding your weights slightly above shoulder-level. Stand up and lift the weights above your head (then feel the burn).

By Lauryn Paiva, Staff Writer

What workout tips do you rely on during the winter? Share in the comments below or tweet us at @ruelala.

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