In Bloom: A Guide to Spring's Flowers

Everyone loves a beautiful garden in spring – that’s a given. But the foresight to start planting seeds immediately after the last frost? If you’re like me, you don’t have it. But don’t be discouraged by getting a late start in the garden. That’s what flower bulbs are for!

If you’ve been perusing flower markets recently, you’ve surely noticed them. And here, a guide to the most common (and beloved) ones you’ll see in the coming weeks. Consider this your (semi-belated) gardening primer.

Spring Flowers

Early Spring (March – April) 
Daffodils, irises, and scilla are among the first to blossom. These flowers come in shades of yellow, blue, and more (irises can be practically every color of the rainbow), and make the garden instantly brighter. Though they all take a few months to reach their colorful best – irises in particular hit full stride in summer – these flowers are the first to kick off the spring season.

Mid-Spring (April – May)
Come the middle of spring, tulips – one of the most popular seasonal flowers in the world – begin to bloom. They’re so revered they inspire festivals all around the world, from Albany, New York, to India. And while primrose are traditionally thought to be the earliest spring flower – the name derives from the Latin word for “early” – they are joined by azaleas and magnolias when they bloom in mid-spring.

Late Spring (May – June)
In the last weeks of spring, look for lilies, lilacs, and peonies. The emergence of these flowers means the seasons are progressing from spring to summer, bringing with them a whole new range of flowers to ogle.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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