Europe2You: Giving Antiques a New Lease on Life

If the antiquing geniuses behind Europe2You have taught us anything – aside from how it feels to supply a gift for Anna Wintour –  it’s that no vintage piece necessarily has to do what it was designed for. Inspired by the group’s passion for breathing new life into Old World finds (see: wash basin turned planter, above), we rounded up pieces from our Vintage & Luxuries: Europe2You Boutique to try our own hand at a little creative reinvention.

Vintage Golf Club
Original Use: Ensuring that hole in one.
New Use: Hang horizontally on the wall, and hello, one-of-a-kind towel rack.

Vintage Suitcases
Original Use: Whisking oneself away.
New Use: A cozy retreat for Whiskers.

Vintage Typewriter
Original Use: Composing love notes.
New Use: Displaying love notes.

Vintage Metal Water Jug
Original Use: The Thermos’s forefather.
New Use: A home for freshly snipped hydrangeas.

Vintage Wooden Fishing Reel
Original Use: Angling for dinner (or for the study’s newest wall ornament).
New Use: Weighing down that stack of important papers.

Vintage Children’s Skis
Original Use: Snow plowing the little ones straight down the Alps.
New Use: Shelving little frames and collectibles.

Itching to summon your inner Bob Vila? Try:

Vintage Horse Saddle
Original Use: Chasing foxes through the countryside. (Tally-ho!)
New Use: A conversation-starting perch at the kitchen island (or watering hole).

Our Vintage & Luxuries: Europe2You Boutique opens Monday, August 13, 2012 at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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