Spooky and Chic? Guest Blogger Annie Dean Proves It's Possible

Whoa, not so fast with those cobwebs. We know, you thought they’d artfully adorn the doorway, when really – no matter which way you stretch them – they’re a tacky mess in the end. Turn to an expert for this one. Here, lifestyle maven extraordinaire Annie Dean lends décor tips (and a festive drink recipe) for a Halloween soiree that is, as she says, “heavy on style and light on silly extras.”

The Festive Drink
The White Lady is a famous classic cocktail in the Sidecar family, in this case inspired by the 18th-century ghost of the same name who haunts Union Cemetery in my hometown.



The “Spooktastic” Table
It’s all about lighting. Keep the lights in your home off and arrange a dozen makeshift candles using clear or green glass bottles. Empty wine bottles without labels will work just fine too. Light your candles in advance of your dinner party for a dripping-wax look that says old-world romance. For a floral touch, cluster bud vases on your tablescape and fill each vase with one or two fully opened roses to add to the ambiance. Then mix up your serving pieces (be sure to include silver trays) with mismatched patterned china plates and cutting boards.

To Set the Mood
In order to make sure you’ve captured the Halloween spirit, keep a loop of Hitchcock classics like Psycho and The Birds playing on mute on the television, and ask your friends to share their favorite ghost stories at the table. Your guests will leave with goosebumps.

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