SPACEStv: Three (More) Inspiration-Worthy Segments

Welcome back, home design fanatics. This week’s segments on SPACEStv were all about inspiration, be it from the home, the streets, or the beach.

Your Place is a Deal Breaker:

Meet Dominique and Nathan, an in-love couple with not-so-harmonious decorating styles. Dominique is all about a simple, black-and-white color scheme, while musician Nathan craves vibrant colors to inspire him. The cure for their dispute? Simple – just add red.

Designer Vanessa Deleon maintains some of Dominique’s favorite elements (like her zebra print rug), but revamps the room with splashes of color via a red accent wall and tons of throw pillows. Vanessa creates a faux window simply by hanging sheer panels from a curtain rod over a hanging photo of busy NYC streets, which brings a sense of the outdoors in (always crucial when it comes to city living). The end result of the makeover is a simple room with tons of unique touches. The mounted mirror candleholders? I think I’ve found my next DIY project.

Take Me Home:

Host Arden Myrin is at it again, propositioning strangers to show her their home. This week, she finds two hipsters strolling through Bushwick in Brooklyn who take her to their eight-person home in the infamous McKibbin Lofts. These lofts – known for their young, artsy vibe (and party-happy residents) – do not disappoint.

The converted factory offers the residents soaring 12-foot ceilings, plus other unique touches like brick walls and a spiral staircase. But the biggest contributions are from the residents themselves, past and present, who have decked the space out – we’re talking shelves held together with water pipes and street finds like old bottles and paper globes repurposed into hanging art. You can tell artists live in this loft. My favorite touch? The loft’s art studio/music studio/hammock room (yes, hammock room), where the communal creativity is at its peak. This place is a hipster mecca – in all the right ways.

Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces:

Moving from L.A. to NYC, photographer Michelle James lost 1,200 square feet of living space, but she made the most of what she has, covering the walls in bright, vibrant colors. A Florida girl at heart, Michelle imbued her apartment with beachy tones (and playful additions like a jar of sand from her hometown).

The purples, pinks, and greens adorning her apartment pop beautifully against the apartment’s wood floors and white molding. Michelle also added loads of space-saving touches, like drawers built into the bed and vertical storage for shoes. The color lends an incredible amount of brightness to the apartment – making it feel like a much more vast and exciting space than your standard 300-square-foot NYC space.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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