SPACEStv: Three (More) Inspiration-Worthy Segments

Welcome back, home design fanatics. This week, we’re exploring one tiny apartment, one massive apartment, and one apartment that is distinctly… pink.

Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces:

This episode brings us to a 500-square-foot apartment with ingenious storage options. Serving as both a home and office for Michael Pozner, every inch of the space has been thought out (with the help of architect Darrick Borowski). The bedroom area is lofted (an instant space saver), but it gets better – the stairs themselves are drawers. We’re talking a veritable staircase-dresser.

There are tons of ingenious little touches, like storage compartments carved into the wall, and a block of wood that houses the doors into the bathroom, kitchen, and closet. Though he had the advantage of professional assistance, Michael was able to use every inch of his apartment, demonstrating that functionality does not have to be limited by mere square footage.

Take Me Home:

This episode showcases a stunner on the Upper West Side. The owner of this apartment, while dressed down on the streets, has an amazing, high-tech condo (actually, two condos combined for 2,250 sprawling square feet of space). Host Arden Myrin calls this apartment “the mother lode,” and boy, is she right.

The floor plan is open and spacious, and the living room offers views of the river in the distance. While the location is superb, the décor is the real highlight here. My favorite touches include a central remote control system for lights, shades, and more; a three-sided fireplace; and unbelievable kitchen countertops (made of agate from Israel, they’re translucent with inner lighting). There are also three bedrooms, and a master bathroom worthy of a four-star hotel (think inset TV by the bathtub).

Your Place is a Deal Breaker:

In this three-piece segment, we meet Alfie and Natassia, a happy pair that couldn’t be more different. Natassia, the epitome of a girly girl, has an apartment full of pink, polka dots, and leopard print. Alfie, a gamer, feels overwhelmed and emasculated by her apartment (especially when his friends stop by for a visit).

Vanessa Deleon revamps the room (and the color palette) to be much more gender-friendly and welcoming to all. First, she builds an entertainment system so Alfie can store his gadgets out of sight. Then, she removes all hints of pink and infuses the room with much subtler hues of grey. The new room is elegant and sophisticated, with quiet splashes of glamour (like understated throw pillows with a hint of frill). And more importantly, there’s not even a hint of that earlier in-your-face pink in sight.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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