Sound Bites from Last Night: Project Runway Alum Ben Chmura on the Finale

We can’t stop talking about last night’s Project Runway All Stars finale. During the show, we checked in with our friend, PR insider Ben Chmura, for a Facebook live chat to get his play-by-play reaction to the finale.

Playing Favorites
At the start of the finale: “My money is on Mondo because of his consistency this season, but to be completely honest, I was rooting for Mila.”

Pressure Boiler
On the backstage chaos: “Everyone is frantic. It’s overwhelming to say the least, but incredible all at the same time!”

Judgment Time
The waiting period: “This part of the process is the most mentally and physically exhausting! It feels like an eternity while they deliberate!”

Last Call
When the judges choose a winner: “It comes down to the question: Are they looking for a designer who is more commercial or who has new ideas?”

Surprise, Surprise
In the audience: “I’ve been to the finale shows for the last two seasons. I have been surprised in who the judges chose as the winner, but sometimes you don’t know what they are looking for exactly.”

Spoiler Alert
And the winner is… Mondo!


Time to Work It