Sock It to Me: How to Make a Statement with Your Ankles

Fall’s here, which means it’s time to let go of summer’s bare-ankle obsession and make a statement with a bold pair of socks. Here’s how:


Do keep your outfit simple and let your socks be the focal point. Go for a basic black suit or a neutral pair of khakis to keep from looking clownlike.

Don’t worry about matching your socks to your outfit. The idea is for the socks to stand out, not to blend in (just make sure they are a matching pair).

Do cuff your pants for a more casual look that really lets your sock style shine.

Don’t toss out those summer boat shoes just yet. With a pair of bright socks, you can rock the preppy look straight through the colder months. Just don’t get any big ideas about your sandals – socks with those will never be acceptable.

Do take your atmosphere into consideration. If you’re heading to a job interview or a conservative office, you might want to opt for a more classic look.

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By Regan Templeton, Staff Writer

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