How Social Media is Changing Fashion

Every once in a while, we take a break from scoping out the Boutiques and tune in to fashion industry news. And after stumbling across this article on digital fashion trends sweeping the nation, I was reminded how much social media has changed the industry. Here’s my take on some of the trends – and what I think are the game-changers.


The Short Version: Fashion show coverage can only get better and more prominent, thanks to social media.

The Long Version: There are a precious few who have access to those coveted tents, but the growth of online media makes it easy for non-fashion-magazine editors to get a glimpse of the excitement. Oscar de la Renta let fans view his fashion show online (via Tumblr), while First Run Fashion streams videos of the shows. And, of course, with the simple technology of instant posting, tweeting, and blogging – websites like give you the buzzworthy photos of each runway look almost instantly.


The Short Version: Keep your eyes open and wallets handy whenever you’re online – or risk forgetting to buy that awesome blazer you spotted.

The Long Version: It’s hard to remember the days when you could see something you liked – but had no idea where to buy it. With the advent of inspiration websites like Pinterest and Polyvore, plus online magazines that are heavy handed on the fashion (I’m a huge fan of matchbook), it’s becoming easier and easier to purchase what you love in just a few clicks.


The Short Version: If you plan on shopping in store (and need to find where it is first), use your phone. But if you plan on shopping your favorite online stores, it’ll be easier (and more fun) on your tablet.

The Long Version: Turns out, when you shop on the go, what device you use says more about your shopping habits than anything else. (Besides being tuned in to current digital trends, of course.) According to this Nielsen survey, mobile users tend to rely on their smart phones for locating a store and checking off a shopping list, while tablet users are more likely to actually make an online purchase. And for some sites, this is a big deal. The secret’s out for us: 18% of weekday sales are mobile driven, and that increases to 30% on weekends.


The Short Version: TV where you can buy what you see (i.e. an updated version of the Home Shopping Network) has the potential to become the next big thing.

The Long Version: Never heard of Viddy? I hadn’t either – at least not before reading the above article – but if DVF is already using it, then it’s sure to make waves across the fashion world. Viddy’s easy-to-make (and share) videos let designers showcase behind-the-scenes content they want to show fans. Add this to interactive TV, where you can shop what you see (made popular by Fashion Star), and online videos are putting a techie spin on the traditional Home Shopping Network.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

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