Hitting a Snag: How to Fix a Pull in Your Sweater

Whether your dog’s a jumper or you snagged your sleeve mid-hug on your BFF’s new boulder-sized engagement ring, a pull in a favorite sweater can send visions of the nearest donation bin swirling through your mind. Fortunately, pulls are easy to fix and don’t have to spell The End for your winter knits. Just keep a few easy steps in mind.

How to Fix a Sweater Pull

Smooth it out. If the sweater’s weave is super fine, the pull might also cause the material around it to pucker. Gently smooth and stretch the puckered part back out before fixing the snag itself.

Push or pull the snag through the sweater. Use a large sewing needle or crochet hook if you have one. If not, try a safety pin, an earring back, or another makeshift tool with a tiny diameter. You don’t want to make a new hole by using an instrument that’s too thick. Some sweaters’ knits are chunky enough that your fingers will work fine, too.

Knot it off. If your pull is caused by a loose fiber that keeps slipping out of the weave, pull it taught inside the sweater and tie it off to keep it secure. Dab clear nail polish on the knot to keep it from coming undone. (Skip that last step if your sweater is delicate – the polish will likely soak through it.)

Resist the urge to snip. No matter how annoying your snag, don’t pick up the scissors. The end result will almost always be a hole.

By Lindsay Lambert, Editor

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