Small Space, Big Issues: How to Decorate a Tiny Room

Cozy. Quaint. Miniscule. So you have a small space, which, sure, can be hard to decorate. But remember this: it’s not impossible. Just check out these expert tips from our friends at Benjamin Moore and see how, with strategic furniture placement and the right coat of paint, you can fool the eye – and guests – into believing your place is massive. (Okay, maybe not massive, but you get the point.)


  1. Don’t be afraid of dark colors. If you have enough natural light in a small room, you can use a dark hue to create a warm and cozy space that feels inviting.
  2. Make it matte – when it comes to wall sheen, that is. The low reflectivity of this finish can help walls visually recede in a small space. For something a little more dramatic, try a high-gloss finish.
  3. Heighten your ceilings by painting them white or a lighter version of the wall color. But, again, don’t rule out deep hues. Depending on the architecture, a darker paint color with a light crown molding can actually heighten the ceiling, too.
  4. Play with prints, but watch out for scale. Big prints in a small room can be overpowering.
  5. Be mindful of scale and proportion. Create an illusion of high ceilings by painting the walls a darker color than the crown molding. As for furniture? Opt for pieces on the smaller size. Large tables and seating can overwhelm your free space.

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Have more questions or want to pick up a color? Visit Benjamin Moore.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor

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