3 Quick Ways to Shake Up Your Thanksgivukkah

Obviously, you will eat cranberry sauce with your latkes. Obviously. But what else will you do to celebrate this unusual meeting of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah? Here, a little inspiration.

Happy Thanksgivikkah from Rue La La 
Cranberry Relish
Horseradish makes every Jewish holiday better – if you ask my dad, at least. So, Dad, this one’s for you: NPR’s recipe that mixes the bitter herb with whole raw cranberries and a little onion and sour cream. Be brave and pair with that Thanksgiving bird.

“This Hanukkah, I’m Thankful for…” Place Cards
Every Thanksgiving at my house, we go around the table and share a few thank-yous. (“Mom, thanks for putting up with me.”) Today, spice it up a bit. Fold simple card stock in half and write your guest’s name on the outside and a quick thank-you note on the inside, then set at their spot at the table.

Turkey Wrapping Paper
Remember kindergarten (or, last year) when you traced your hand and made it into a turkey? Channel that when you’re wrapping gifts with this simple DIY: grab a roll of brown parchment paper and a gold or silver glitter pen, place your hand at sporadic spots, trace, fill in your turkey features, and repeat.

Now, on to those latkes

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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