Making Waves: Why “Scuba Fabric” Neoprene is In

Neoprene – better known as “scuba fabric” – is the latest sport fabric seen on the runways. Why is this flexible synthetic making waves out of the water? Here, we break it down.


1. Structure
A wet suit can pretty much stand upright on its own. In the same way, neoprene supports architectural accents and voluminous skirt shapes. It’s the favored fabric of futuristic fashion.

2. Water-Resistance
This one’s a given. Bonus points for a party dress that actually deflects spillage. Want proof? See also: zippered laptop sleeves.

3. It’s Just Sleek
Sure, it’s a little thicker than the average fabric, but it will smooth out any flaws. And sometimes it’s nice to ditch SPANX® for a day.

4. Insulation
Dropping temps call for thicker fabrics. Instead of picking a ponte knit, try neoprene. After all, it helps divers keep warm in near-freezing water.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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