Save vs. Splurge: Wedding Bloggers Weigh In

From the flowers to the dress, weddings can be quite expensive. So, before jumping full force into the planning process, we turned to a few of our favorite bridal bloggers for tips on when to spend and when to save. Check out their advice below for a budget-savvy trip down the aisle.

Photography: Splurge! “After your wedding is over, the pictures will be the one thing you have to look back on to remember your wedding day..” – Bride on a Budget

Wedding Gown: Save! “The dress you’ll only wear once, while the accessories, if chosen carefully, can become wardrobe staples you’ll wear for years to come” – Budget Savvy Bride

Cake Plate: Splurge! “To create an amazing table, invest in a collection of cake stands that you’ll use for years and save on the wedding cake itself by making a small homemade layer cake with cream cheese frosting.” – Kiss My Tulle

The Catering: Save! “If you’re lucky enough to have some cuisine-inclined people in your family, ask them to lend a helping hand or two!” – Little Chief Honeybee

– By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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