A Treasure is Worth a Thousand Words

1. “My most prized possession is my grandfather’s cross, which my grandmother gave me.” – Drew B., Shipping Coordinator

2. “I always wear this ring: made of one-half of my grandmother’s engagement ring. My mom had it made so I could have something old/something new for my wedding.” – Casey H., Rue Local Coordinator

3. “I love my grandmother’s art deco piece.” – Jacquelyne R., Assistant Buyer

4. “This watch was custom made for my grandmother, who gave it to my mom for her birthday because my mom pined after it so much.” – Kate M.,  Copywriter

5. “These pearls belonged to my grandmother. She got them on a trip to China and I love knowing they’ve traveled years and miles.” – Katie F., Copywriter

6. “This ring was given to me by my grandmother, who got it from her mother in the 1950s.” – Sarah S., Event Coordinator

7. “Each granddaughter receives a piece of jewelry from my passed grandmother’s collection, and I got these beautiful rosette earrings.” – Emily T., Site Content Producer

8. “My grandmother-in-law’s bracelet has charms from the places she’s visited, all over the world.” – Heather H., Chief People Officer

9. “My grandmother and I share the same initials, and I love that I’m able to wear one of her favorite monogrammed pieces.” – Melissa M., Copywriter

10. “This gold Waltham pocket watch is from my great aunt’s husband. She gave it to me before she passed away, at the young age of 104.” – Dennis F., Senior QA Engineer

11. “This necklace is full of superstitious charms from my great-grandmother. She lived in Transylvania, survived multiple disasters, fled from two countries, and believed that being superstitious helped save her and her family.” – Chantelle D. G., Senior Designer

12. “When I was little, I used to love my mom’s earrings so much, I would tape them to my ears!” – Abigail K., Associate Editor

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